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2020-2021 Fall Semester Teaching at Bilkent University

For the 2020-21 Fall semester, Bilkent University has adopted a hybrid mode of teaching, comprised of a combination of online and face-to-face in-class teaching. Students who do not want to come to classroom for face-to-face education may attend all their lectures online.

However, all major exams, along with some studio and laboratory activities will be carried out in-class and face-to-face. Midterm exams will be conducted on campus and face-to face during the midterm week, November 7 –15. No classes will be held during the midterm week. Other assessment activities scheduled outside the midterm week will be conducted online.

The course schedules have also been completely redesigned for the Fall semester.

A period of days in the academic calendar will be designated as having a particular Teaching Mode. The two possible Teaching Modes are:

  • Online-Only Teaching Mode
  • Hybrid Teaching Mode

The Teaching Mode for teaching days in the academic calendar will be announced ahead of time but these may have to be modified due to changing requirements and conditions. Currently, the Teaching Modes for the 2020-21 Fall semester are planned to be as follows:

  • 16 September to 30 September: Online-Only Teaching Mode
  • 1 October to 25 December: Hybrid Teaching Mode

Different weekly course schedules will be in effect during Online-Only and Hybrid Teaching Modes. Schedules displayed in STARS will reflect these changes as the teaching mode is switched from one to the other.

The following course schedules are for graduate and undergraduate courses offered in the Fall semester. The English Preparatory Program, the French Preparatory Program, and the Music Preparatory Program and some professional-degree graduate programs do not follow the schedules outlined in this document.


Online-Only Teaching Mode (14 September – 30 September):

When the university is in Online-Only Teaching Mode, all lectures, studios and laboratories will meet online via Zoom. Any laboratory or studio hours that cannot be held online will be cancelled or postponed.

During Online-Only Teaching Mode lecture, studio and laboratory hours on weekdays will meet at times that are different from those in the Hybrid Teaching Mode. Weekend times are the same.


Morning block 08:00 – 11:50 ONLINE Four 50-minute lecture, studio or laboratory hours
11:50 – 12:30 Lunch break (40 minutes)
Afternoon block 12:30 – 17:20 ONLINE Five 50-minute lecture, studio or laboratory hours
Evening block 17:30 – 19:20 ONLINE Two 50-minute lecture hours
Weekend block 08:30 – 19:20 ONLINE Ten studio, laboratory or lecture hours


Hybrid Teaching Mode (1 October – 25 December):

The teaching day is divided into three blocks, as morning, afternoon, and evening blocks. Times in between these blocks are reserved for travel and meals. In addition, some studios, laboratories and online lectures are scheduled to take place on the weekends.

Morning block 08:30 – 12:20 HYBRID /


Four 50-minute hybrid lecture /

Face-to-face studio or laboratory hours

12:20 – 13:30 Travel and/or lunch (70 minutes)
Afternoon block 13:30 – 16:20 Face-To-Face Three 50-minute studio or laboratory hours
16:20 – 17:30 Travel (70 minutes)
Evening block 17:30 – 21:50 ONLINE Four 50-minute lecture hours,

with 19:20 – 20:00 dinner break

Weekend block 08:30 – 19:20 ONLINE /


Online lecture hours /

Face-to-face studio or laboratory hours


The morning block is reserved mainly for hybrid lectures. In this block, the instructors will teach in the classroom using the Zoom platform. In-class students will follow the lecture face-to-face, while distant students join the class via Zoom. On odd numbered days of the month, only odd numbered students will be allowed to attend the lecture in the classroom. Even numbered students will be allowed to attend the classroom on even days of the month. Any student who does not wish to come to the classroom may attend all lectures online.

Hybrid hours cannot be switched to online lecture hours by individual instructors at will, since those hours may be preceded or followed by the hybrid lecture hours of a different course.

The afternoon block is reserved mainly for face-to-face activities. The evening block is reserved for online lectures where all students attend the lectures online via Zoom.

The weekend block is reserved for studio and laboratory hours, in addition to online lecture hours.

Studio and laboratory sessions may also be scheduled in the morning block or the afternoon. These may be carried out in a number of different formats, depending on the nature of the course. On a given day, studio and laboratory hours may be held exclusively online, exclusively face-to-face, or online for some students and face-to-face for others. Note that, studio and laboratory hours of a course in the morning or afternoon blocks are never preceded or followed by teaching hours of a different course, allowing them to be used in different formats.

Students have to attend in person any laboratory and studio hours that are held exclusively face-to-face.

Please always check the active schedule displayed on SRS and AIRS.