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Bilkent in Nature Index Rankings

Bilkent University holds the position of Turkey’s top-ranking institution in the prestigious Nature Index as of 2016.

The index provides a way to rate institutions and countries according to the number and quality of research publications produced by their scientists.

In the rankings, Bilkent led in the “fractional count” (FC) and “weighted fractional count” (WFC) measures, which take into account the proportion of authors from a given institution or country who have contributed to an article.


Institution    AC FC WFC
Bilkent University 29 11.67 11.47
İzmir Institute of Technology 22 4 4
Eastern Mediterranean University 4 4 4
Middle East Technical University 55 4.73 3.87
Başkent University 5 3.45 3.45
Boğaziçi University 110 3.68 3.16
Sabancı University 15 6.77 2.75
Ankara University 74 2.67 2.59
İstanbul University 22 4.21 2.01
Hacettepe University 33 1.60 1.60



The Nature Index is a database of author affiliation information collated from research articles published in an independently selected group of 68 high-quality science journals.  The 68 journals of the Nature Index represent less than 1% of the journals covering natural sciences in the Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) but account for close to 30% of total citations to natural science journals.