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Coronavirus Break Information

In order to contain the spread of coronavirus disease, Turkey has decided to temporarily halt instruction at all universities for three weeks starting March 16, 2020, Monday.

Students are expected to spend this three-week period at their permanent addresses in Turkey and refrain from coming and going to the university. International students who do not have a permanent address in Turkey are advised not to travel to their country and stay in Turkey.

Currently, the university remains open for academic and administrative staff. All university services are planned to continue as they would at inter-semester periods.

Graduate students are expected to be in communication with their advisors and continue their research and thesis work.

Midterm exams and other academic activities scheduled for March 13-14-15 will proceed as planned.

All classes, mid-term exams and similar academic activities that were previously scheduled for March 16 through April 5 have been postponed.

In order to help measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease, it is recommended that students refrain from traveling around and avoid crowded places during this three-week period.

All students and staff are expected to keep checking their STARS-registered e-mail addresses for further announcements. Universities are expected to resume teaching on April 6, 2020, Monday.