CS Seminar: “Learning Portrait Drawing of Face Photos from Unpaired Data with Unsupervised Landmarks”, Burak Taşdemir, 10:00AM December 21 (EN)


Burak Taşdemir
Master Student

(Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Ayşegül Dündar)
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

Abstract: Translating face photos to artistic drawings by hand is a complex task that typically needs the expertise of professional artists. The demand for automating this artistic task is clearly on the rise. Turning a photo into a hand-drawn portrait goes beyond simple transformation. This task contemplates a sophisticated process that focuses on highlighting key facial features and often omits small details. Thus, designing an effective tool for image conversion involves selectively preserving certain elements of the subject’s face. In our study, we introduce a new technique for creating portrait drawings that learn exclusively from unpaired data without the use of extra labels. By utilizing unsupervised learning to extract features, our technique shows a promising ability to generalize across different domains. Our proposed approach integrates an in-depth understanding of images using unsupervised components and the ability to maintain individual identity, which is typically seen in simpler networks. We also present an innovative concept: an asymmetric pose-based cycle consistency loss. This concept introduces flexibility to the traditional cycle consistency loss, which typically expects an original image to be perfectly reconstructed after being converted to a portrait and then reverted. In our comprehensive testing, we evaluate our method with both in-domain and out-domain images and benchmark it against the leading methods. Our findings reveal that our approach yields superior results, both numerically and in terms of visual quality, across three different datasets. Keywords: Portrait drawing, Unsupervised part segmentations, Unpaired image translation, Cycle consistency adversarial networks, Generative adversarial networks.

DATE: December 21, Thursday @ 10:00 EA-409