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IAED Students’ Talents Showcased at Exhibition

FADA Exhibition Hall had been home to a show consisting of projects created during the fall 2016 semester by Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students.

The exhibition, which ended on March 7, represents the works of IAED students at all levels of the program, thereby offering visitors an intriguing opportunity to contemplate compositions based on various topics, techniques and materials.

Most of the pieces are displayed in the format of a poster stating the motivation for the project and the technical work that lay behind it, accompanied by a three-dimensional model. The models feature different themes and ideas – for instance, a depiction of an Italian opera house from the 1900s complemented by the use of colors and motifs based on the emotional background of the work being staged; museums of puppets, film history and refugee feelings; and creative ways to redesign a given interior area. Also on view are posters concerning exploration of and research on a specific topic, mostly related to colors and the way people perceive them.

Another vibrant component of the exhibition is the group of conceptual three-dimensional abstract models displayed at the center of the exhibition hall, which extends the scope of the exhibition from a focus on technical architectural aspects to a look at non-representational creativity.

Through its display of such a wide range of styles and perspectives, the exhibition has evinced the skills and capabilities that IAED students develop over the course of the program.