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New Book by Hüseyin Can Aksoy

Dr. Hüseyin Can Aksoy of the Faculty of Law has published his third book, “Sendikasyon Kredisi Alacaklarının Fer’i Teminatlarla Güvence Altına Alınması” (Collateralization of Syndicated Loan Claims by Accessory Securities). The monography was recently published by On İki Levha Yayıncılık.

The book, which blends legal theory and practice, focuses on the syndicated loan market from a legal perspective and deals with the collateralization of syndicated loan claims by way of accessory securities. Dr. Aksoy elaborates on the internationally acknowledged collateralization structures which are widely used in international credit transactions in several countries including Turkey. Thoroughly examining the validity of these structures, which have not been tested before Turkish courts, the author concludes that these structures created by the practitioners are in compliance with the principles of the Turkish legal system.