POLS Seminar: “Why is the Middle East and North Africa so Patriarchal?”, Dr. Alice Evans, 12:30Noon October 18 (EN)

“Why is the Middle East and North Africa so Patriarchal?”

Dr. Alice Evans
Senior Lecturer
King’s College, London

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 12:30 p.m.

The Middle East and North Africa is the most patriarchal region in the world. Although there is great variety in the region—Beirut and Istanbul are more liberal than Cairo and Qom—every single country in MENA has lower female employment and political leadership than the global average. Why is this?

Dr. Alice Evans is a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London. She received her PhD in Geography from London School of Economics in 2013. Her works have appeared in various journals such as Review of International Political Economy; Socio-Economic Review; PS: Political Science & Politics; Gender & Society; World Development; Third World Quarterly; and Gender & Development. Currently, she is working a book on the global history of gender. Entitled as “The Great Gender Divergence”, the book will be published by Princeton University Press.