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Rules for Using the Climbing Wall


The Climbing Wall is open on weekdays and weekends from 8:45 a.m. to 10:45 p.m.;

that is, during daylight hours or when the lighting is on.



  1. Use of the area is only based on reservation.
  2. Before using the facility, all climbers are required to read these rules and subsequently to abide by them and to follow the instructions given.
  3. Individuals under 18 years old may climb with the permission and supervision of their parents, following approval from the trainer in charge.
  4. Climbing gear other than that fulfilling UIAA and CE standards may not be used on the climbing wall.
  5. Before starting to climb, the leader should carry out the partner-check.
  6. The leader must be connected to the safety harness using a figure 8 knot, and lower and upper rings of the safety harness should be used together. The safety harness connection should not be made with a carabiner other than auto belay; connection to the rope using only one point of the safety harness is forbidden.
  7. The auto-belay system may not be used without proper training. The safety ring of the safety harness should be connected to the auto-belay system using an auto-locking carabiner.
  8. Use of a security device (Grigri, ATC, etc.) is mandatory when securing connecting.
  9. Belaying should be done while in a standing position not while sitting, lying down, etc.
  10. It is recommended that leader should not skip intermediate safety points, as skipping them may increase the possibility of falling.
  11. The double-bolted station at the end of the route indicates the highest point of the climb. Climbers should not go beyond the height of this station.
  12. For your own safety, rings or using devices such as cell phones or earphones while climbing is not recommended.
  13. Barefoot climbing is not allowed.
  14. Climbers are forbidden to unscrew screw bolts or bolt lugs, or to unscrew or change the direction of holds.
  15. The area may be used only by climbers with appropriate clothing, shoes and climbing gear. Water should be in bottles with lids.
  16. Climber should be aware that the holds may rotate.
  17. Climbing chalk should not be excessively used during the climb. Climbers are asked brush off the holds they used after climbing.
  18. Leaving gear at the area, stepping on ropes and damaging other equipment is not permitted.
  19. Actions that endanger your own safety or safety of others, such as climbing side by side, passing under the who is climbing or, climbing on the Leader wall without safety equipment, are not allowed.
  20. The staff member(s) is charge should be notified immediately notified of accidents occurring during climbing, damages to the wall or equipment, and similar issues.
  21. Individuals who have received instruction climbing may use the climbing area on specified days and times, under the supervision of a trainer. Inexperienced athletes should request help from the trainer before climbing.


All of the rules are laid down to ensure that individuals using the climbing wall can engage in sports safely and in a healthy environment. Users are obligated to abide by these rules. Users are responsible for their own safety. Legal liability belongs to the user. İ.D. Bilkent University may not be held liable to personal damages arising from use.