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For International Faculty

There are certain legal and bureaucratic matters that you need to be aware of and that need to be taken care of before and after your arrival in Turkey. Our Office will assist you in these matters along the way.


Awork visa is required for you to be able to work in Turkey. This work visa needs to be obtained before you come to Turkey.

Apply to the nearest Turkish Consulate / Embassy six or seven weeks before your planned arrival in Turkey. When applying, please submit the following documents:

  1. Job offer letter,
  2. Copy of your contract with the university,
  3. The employment letter issued by the Turkish Higher Education Board (YÖK). For this document, you need to send your passport information, your father’s and mother’s names, copies of all the diplomas and your CV to the Personnel Office. This letter will be obtained by the Personnel Office from the Turkish Higher Education Board and sent to you,
  4. The letter addressed to Turkish Consulate. This letter will be prepared by the Bilkent University Provost’s Office. It will be in Turkish and will indicate that you have been offered employment at the University and requesting a work permit to be issued in your name.

As you will have a work visa, you do not require another official document to enter Turkey. However, any family members traveling with you will be required to have an appropriate visa authorization.

The Consulate / Embassy will issue your work permit within 40 days.


If your address changes, please fill out the following form and contact our Office as soon as possible.


If your marital status changes, please contact us within 10 days.

If you have a newborn child, please contact us with the birth certificate and the passport of his / her.


Arrange your flight and inform your department or school of your itinerary so that they can make the necessary arrangements for your arrival.

Keep your passport, travel documents and money with you at all times. It can take up to a month for a residence permit to be issued, and will take even longer if your paperwork is incomplete.

Please make sure that the passport officials stamp your passport as you enter Turkey.


If you plan to bring electric/electronic goods, including computer equipment, into the country, please be advised that these goods are officially subject to customs taxes and clearance.

In addition, if an item remains in storage at customs (e.g. if you have sent it ahead or left it for later clearance), there are additional fees and commissions to be paid. These fees vary and depend on various factors. Please be aware that tax rates, fees and duties are subject to frequent change. For more detailed information regarding Customs Regulations in Turkey (in Turkish, English and French), you can visit

If you enter Turkey with your car, note that customs will set a time limit that the vehicle can be kept in the country. Please notify the Personnel Office about this issue within two days of your arrival in Turkey. In order to benefit from the temporary exemptions of the Customs Law, you will need to make a refundable deposit in a bank, in an amount based on the model and engine capacity of the car. It is your responsibility to pay all taxes, duties and pecuniary penalties according to Turkish Laws. You will first need to obtain your residence permit before you start any procedures concerning the car.


Bilkent University has an agreement with Acıbadem Insurance Company.

The staff responsible for Bilkent University:
Nihan Kurbal – – 0(530) 109 71 64

Beytepe Köyü Yolu No:5
06800 Bilkent – ANKARA / TR

Tel: + 90 (312) 340 80 00
Mobile: + 90 (530) 109 71 64
Fax: + 90 (312) 266 06 54

    Effective after September 05, 2023
  • GROUP HEALTH CARE INSURANCE COVERAGE TABLE  (Turkish) (English(Bilkent use only)
    You may fill the application form to start yours and your accompanying family member’s insurance plans. Please send an electronic copy of the form to to complete the registration process.



The Personnel Office also issues a Bilkent University ID card.

You can use this ID Card in the Library, in parking lots and also in the University Shuttle Buses. If you lose your ID Card, please pay 5 TL to the Accounting Office and bring us the receipt.

Please return your ID Card to our Office before you leave.


You can use the lunch vouchers in our University and everywhere in Turkey where you see the “Ticket Restaurant” sign.


Fixture: If you have any books, cassettes, CDs, equipments etc. belong to your Department, please return them to your department.

Library: If you have any books taken from the Library, please return them to the Library.

Housing: If you are residing at the University Housing (Lojman), please contact Housing Office for an inventory at least one week before you leave.

Medical Insurance: Please return your Medical Insurance Cards to the Personnel Office.

Smart Card: Please return your University ID (Smart Card) to the Personnel Office before you leave. If you want to keep your card, 5 Turkish Lira will be deducted from your last salary.

Telephone: If you have an internal / international line through Bilkent Computer Center, please find out the cost for your calls through BCC ( Tel : 1622 – 1343 ) and pay the due amount in the Accounting Office and hand in the receipt to the Personnel Office. Following this your line will be terminated. If you wish, the cost for your calls can be deducted from your last salary, however, you should inform the Personnel Office about this situation.

Vehicle: If you have a vehicle guaranteed by the University, please leave this vehicle to the Customs Office and return its green booklet to TURING Office at least one week before you leave. Please submit a copy of all the clearance forms, which has been given to you by the Customs Office, Police and TURING Office.

Residence Permit: If your residence permit is valid after you leave from our University, you should have your residence permit cancelled by the Security Authorities. Please leave your passport and residence permit to Personnel Office one week before your departure.

* In case we need to contact you after you leave the University, please leave your address, telephone number and e-mail address to the Personnel Office.

* The steps you have to follow before your departure has been stated above. If you do not complete these following steps one week before your departure, this will cause a delay in the payment of your last salary.