ME Semineri: “Wave Propagation in Networks With Complex Connectivity”, Prof. Antonio Carcaterra, 10.30 9 Nisan (EN)


Speaker: Prof. Antonio Carcaterra
Affiliation: Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Rome – La Sapienza, Italy

Date: Friday April 9th
Time: 10:30

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Abstract: The subject of the seminar is to present recent investigations on wave propagation in complex networks made by hubs and connections. The word “complex” refers to a twofold attribute: a large numbers of hubs, and a large number of interconnections between the hubs. Propagation of classical waves takes place within an elemental topological connectivity scheme. In a complex connection topology, the concept of phase and group velocity changes dramatically, and new properties emerge. Several examples recently investigated by the author of non-conventional connectivity are presented, ranging from metamaterials to platoons of autonomous robots. Special effects as wave stopping and superluminal propagation are discussed. Finally, some perspectives related to the concept of Small World conclude the presentation.

Bio: Antonio Carcaterra is full professor of Applied Mechanics at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of La Sapienza in Rome, where he teaches the courses of Mechatronics, Vibrations and Vehicle Systems Dynamics. Former adjunct professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA), he has been invited lecturer in many European universities. He is director of the doctorate in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, president of the Course in Mechanical Engineering, Senior Fellow of the Higher School of Advanced Studies of Sapienza and president of the Sapienza Innovazione, the university consortium that manages the connection between university research and industrial innovation. Author of about 200 scientific publications in scientific journals and presented in many international conferences, in areas including system and structure dynamics, mechatronics and vibrations, he is also inventor of many industrial patents, and responsible for many industrial research projects.