PSYC Seminer: “Technology for Learning: The Case of Social Robots in Language Education,” Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Junko Kanero, A-130, 12:40 6 Aralık (EN)

Dear Colleagues and Students,

You are cordially invited to a seminar titled `Technology for Learning: The Case of Social Robots in Language Education` by Assistant Professor Junko Kanero from Psychology Department at Sabancı University.

Date: 6 December 2019, Friday
Time: 12:40-13:30
Place: FEASS; A-130


The use of digital devices in education is becoming increasingly common, and is expected to become even more abundant in the following decade. While advances in technology are surely exciting, we must carefully consider the effectiveness and feasibility of the new devices, especially when targeting children and other sensitive populations. This talk uses social robots — robots that follow behavioral norms expected in human interactions — as an example to discuss how new technology may or may not help young and adult language learners. The main questions we address are: (1) whether and how robots can help language learners; (2) which populations can benefit from robot language tutors, and (3) how we can make robots and other digital devices more effective as educational tools. We also discuss how the scientific community should evaluate the use of technology in general and communicate the knowledge to the public.