ARCH Alumni Panels: “Back in Town 03 : Tribute to Mark Paul Frederickson”, 4:30PM 29 April (EN)

Back in Town 03 : Tribute to Mark Paul Frederickson

Time: Apr 29, 2022 Friday 04:30 PM
Hybrid Event: FF-B 22 & Zoom
Please contact to the department for Zoom information.

We continue our 10th year anniversary events with the third edition of our alumni panels, this time with a special hybrid event, in honor of a faculty member that had a great impact in Bilkent Architecture’s design agenda. In “Back in Town 3: Tribute to Mark Paul Frederickson”, we proudly welcome back our graduates who have worked with professor Frederickson in the past and continued to pursue their own career journeys: Ayşe Eda Tarakçı, Bilkay Begüm Peker, Burak Çelik, Naz Kaplan, Oğulcan Suluçay.

Ayşe Eda Tarakçı, Bilkent Architecture ’19, M.Arch SCI-Arc 22′, M.Arch II Southern California Institute of Architecture, JHB Studio, Atelier Manferdini, Teaching Assistant at SCI-Arc

Bilkay Begüm Peker, Bilkent Architecture ‘16, AA School of Architecture – Sustainable Environmental Design (SED) ’19, Co-founder of Studio Resilia, Part-time Faculty at Bilkent University

Burak Çelik, Bilkent Architecture ’18, Fulbright Master’s Degree Scholar ’19, M.Arch II, SCI-Arc, The Gehry Prize ’21, Assoc. AIA, Design Coordinator at HDR Architecture Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Naz Kaplan, Bilkent Architecture ’20, UNI International Design Awards (People’s Choice), UNI Martian Hub Competition (People’s Choice), Architectural Assistant Part 1 at Foster + Partners ‘22

Oğulcan Suluçay, Bilkent Architecture ’16, AA School of Architecture – Design Research Laboratory (DRL) ‘19, AA School of Architecture – DRL – Teaching Assistant, Architectural Assistant Part 2 at Foster and Partners

We look forward to seeing all our students and graduates, who have an essential role in the successful journey of Bilkent Architecture!