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Tuition Fees

For students who are admitted to Bilkent University via the national ÖSYM examination and placement system (YKS), tuition fees are quoted in Turkish Liras and announced on a yearly basis.

For Turkish (T.C.) Citizens who are admitted through the 2023 Central Placement Exam (YKS), the tuition fee for the 2023 – 2024 academic year is 300.000 TL including 10% VAT.

For those Turkish (T.C.) citizens who were admitted through the Central Placement Exam (YKS) before 2023, the tuition fees for the 2023-2024 academic year, including 10% VAT, are as follows:

– For students admitted in 2015 and before: 157.000 TL
– For students admitted in 2016 – 2018: 166.000 TL
– For students admitted in 2019: 181.000 TL
– For students admitted in 2020 – 2021: 192.000 TL
– For students admitted in 2022: 217.000 TL

If VAT rate is changed, the change will be reflected to the tuition fee at the same rate.

Newly admitted students are required to pay the tuition fee before their university registration appointment.  Continuing students need to pay the tuition before the deadline which is stated in the academic calendar.

Students can pay the tuition fee using one of the following two options:

  • They can either pay the full annual tuition fee before the beginning of the Fall semester,
  • or, they can pay the annual tuition fee in two parts: half of the annual tuition fee before the beginning of the Fall semester, and the remaining half, which is then increased by the six-month May-November inflation rate and announced in December, at the beginning of the Spring semester.

For students registered before 2023, increases in tuition fees in subsequent years are limited to inflation rates. For students registered in 2023 and after, increases in tuition fees in subsequent years are limited to actual cost increase rates.

Tuition fees are not refundable once the university registration is completed. Leave of absence applications for the first academic year are categorically denied.

Presently enrolled students are required to pay their tuition fees by the deadline specified in the academic calendar, prior to course registrations.

Tuition fees can be paid through the branches of banks that have an agreement with Bilkent University. Please see the Tuition Payment Methods page for details.

The fee group for students who have transferred to Bilkent University from another university to which they have gained admission through the Central Placement Examination (YKS) is taken to be the year that they have transferred to Bilkent University.

Students with 50% Scholarship are charged half of the tuition fee listed above.



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