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Students Exceeding the Normal Duration of Education

For International Students

Students, who have completed 8 semesters in their programs, excluding the semesters in the English Preparatory Program and semesters on leave of absence, who do not have any not-taken required or elective courses in their curriculums and who, in 2023-2024 Spring semester, need to retake only the courses that they have failed in previous semesters, can apply for paying their Spring 2024 tuition fee on a per course basis. Those students satisfying the above conditions need to submit their applications to the Registrar’s Office until January 15, 2024. They can pay the per course tuition fee upon the approval of the Rectorate. This payment option cannot be used while benefiting from single course deduction.

For the international students whose applications are approved by the Rectorate, 2023-2024 Spring Semester per course tuition fees in USD, including 10% VAT, are listed below according to the course credit.


Bilkent Registration Year
Credit/Course 2015 or before 2016-2019
0 990 1,040
1 990 1,040
2 1,980 2,080
3 2,970 3,120
4 3,960 4,160
5 4,950 5,200
6 5,940 6,240