ARCH Seminar: “Sheltering in Kindness: Design, Fabrication, and the Right to Home. How to rebuild a pluralistic relationship to spacemaking”, Mehmet Sinan Bermek, 12:30Noon March 26 2024 (EN)

The talk organized by Bilkent University Department of Architecture (BUDA).

Speaker: Mehmet Sinan Bermek

Date: 26 March 2024 Tuesday
Time: 12:30-13:30
Place: FFB-05

Title: Sheltering in Kindness: Design, Fabrication, and the Right to Home. How to rebuild a pluralistic relationship to spacemaking.

This presentation explores the candidate’s past endeavors and future aspirations at the intersection of design, fabrication, and the fundamental right to safe and secure housing. We’ll rediscover the history of “For Us, By Us” (Fubu) principle within architecture. This approach prioritizes the needs and aspirations of communities, fostering collaboration as grounded action against conventional, top-down housing solutions.
Inspired by imece, our tradition of collective action, this presentation emphasizes the urgent need to conserve this spirit. Rapid urbanization, globalization, and individualistic attitudes threaten to erode community bonds, prioritizing profit efficiencies over heritage in development. Preserving imece is crucial for fostering inclusive and sustainable architecture and urban planning practices.

The question of collaboration’s place in architecture will be examined through the lens of Bernard Stiegler’s concept of knowledge creation through technics. By doing so, we can initiate a discourse on future directions in space making and how advancements in fabrication technologies should be interpreted to create equitable spatial resources.
Central to this approach is fostering kindness as a defiant act in this climate of cultural flattening. We aim to move beyond mere shelter, crafting spaces that nurture well-being, social connection, and a sense of belonging. Through real-world examples and ongoing research, the talk will delve into global trends and potential means of achieving “Sheltering Kindness” for all.

An Istanbul-born architect and structural engineer with a PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Mehmet Sinan brings a passion for social impact to their work. Committed to the right to shelter and housing, Mehmet Sinan’s international experience spans projects in conservation, planning, fabrication, and software development across Italy, Turkey, and the United States. Mehmet Sinan’s academic background explores the relationship between people and the technological tools that shape our thinking and practice in design. Ultimately, Mehmet Sinan aims to develop tools that empower people to shape their surroundings and foster kindness as the key to sustainable, resilient, and harmonious development.