ARCH Seminar: “Structuring the Late Bronze Age of Western Anatolia”, Assoc. Prof. Peter Pavuk, 5:00PM December 20 (EN)

Structuring the Late Bronze Age of Western Anatolia
Assoc. Prof. Peter Pavuk (Institute of classical Archaeology, Charles University in Prague)
Time: Dec 20, 2020 05:00 PM

Zoom Meeting
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When speaking of Western Anatolia, one almost instantly thinks of sites such as Troy, Panaztepe or Miletus. However, there is much more than just the coast! Based on an overview of the ceramic projects in which the author is currently involved the lecture will offer a complex picture of Western Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age, both along the coast, but also further inland. It will be also attempted to discuss the potential link between the Hittite geography and the actual archaeological finds.

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Peter Pavuk is Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology at the Institute of Classical Archaeology, Charles University in Prague. His research interests focus on ceramic traditions of the 2nd millennium BC in Western Anatolia, but also in the East Aegean islands, the Balkans and Central Greece, with further interests in computer applications in archaeology and archaeological method. He has participated in a number of projects as a pottery analyst, most notably at Troy, Pergamon, Bademgedığı Tepe and Kaymakçı, as well as Mikro Vouni on Samothrace, complemented by projects related to Central European prehistory. Recent publications include Mittel- und spätbronzezeitliche Keramik Griechenlands. Sammlung Fritz Schachermeyr III (Wien 2012) with B. Horejs and Troia VI Früh und Mitte. Keramik, Stratigraphie, Chronologie. Studia Troica Monographien 3. (Bonn 2014).