Bilkent Composition Academy, June 24-30, 2019


June 24 – 30, 2019, Bilkent University, Ankara

Bilkent Composition Academy is designed to function as a summer school and workshop for young composers who are newly stepping into their careers. The main objective of the academy is to gather contemporary music composers, performers, educators, other academics and interested professionals in a multidisciplinary stage, and create an international network and synergy. Participants and contributors from not only the Middle Eastern countries (e.g. Iran), but also Europe (e.g. Norway, U.K., Germany) and many other regions throughout the world (e.g. Australia, Hong Kong, USA) take part in the event.

The second edition of the Bilkent Composition Academy, BCA19 in short, will be held between June 24-29, 2019. Organizers are extremely grateful to Music Norway, Ankara Norwegian Royal Embassy, Goethe-Institut, Tarabya Kulturakademie, and Norway Music Academy with special thanks to the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation for making BCA19 possible. All events will take place in Bilkent University Campus.

Under the art direction of Mark Andre, all active participants will get the opportunity to individually study with the guest professors and ensembles of BCA19: Eivind Buene (composer and author; Oslo) ve Hanna Eimermacher’le (composer; Germany) Cikada Ensemble (Oslo) and Arditti Quartet (London). Pieces written by the active participants will be rehearsed during daily classes and practice hours, and will be professionally recorded by tonmeister Pieter Snapper during a public concert at the end of the academy. Selected works from the concert will be published in digital platforms.

Other guest professors who will take part in the academy include: Irvine Arditti (violinist; London), Samir Odeh-Tamimi (composer; Palestine/Germany), Christian Eggen (conductor, composer, pianist; Oslo), Kenneth Karlsson (pianist; Oslo), Ali Ergur (sociologist; Galatasaray University), Mahir Cetiz (composer; Columbia University, New York), Michael Ellison (composer, ethno-musicologist; Bristol University) and Noel Zahler (composer; Texas Tech University).

Both the leading performers of Northern European contemporary music stage, Cikada Ensemble, and the legendary Arditti Quartet who take pride in world-wide recognition in the field of modern music will be presenting the results of BCA19 with two public concerts. The initial concerts of both ensembles will feature a selection from the contemporary repertoire, and the subsequent ones will comprise of works by the active participants of BCA19.

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