BSO Concert: “Fazıl Say’s “Dünya Anne” Songs in Ankara”, Bilkent Odeon, 8:00PM July 8

8 July 2023 Saturday, 20.30 | Bilkent Odeon

“Fazıl Say’s “Dünya Anne” Songs in Ankara”

“Dünya Anne” composed by Fazıl Say, featuring songs inspired by the works of female poets, will meet art lovers for the first time in Ankara at Bilkent Odeon on July 8th at 20:30. In the concert, narrated by Yekta Kopan, the powerful voice Serenad Bağcan will perform the songs, accompanied by Volkan Hürsever on the double bass and Ferit Odman on drums.

Among the songs of “Dünya Anne,” the poems of Şükûfe Nihal Başar, Ayten Mutlu, Gülten Akın, Nilgün Marmara, Sezen Aksu, Füruğ Ferruhzad, Birhan Keskin, Ece Temelkuran, Didem Madak, Bejan Matur, and Selenay Koçer are included.

These poets, who draw from the experiences, events, and stories of Anatolian lands in Turkey, present glimpses from the past to the present. They convey their inner conflicts, sorrows, desires for peace, tranquility, goodness, light, darkness, and the unwavering hope that persists through their poetry. Our extraordinary female poets depict the 100th anniversary of the Republic from different perspectives.

Fazıl Say, piano
Serenad Bagcan, vocals
Volkan Hürsever, double bass
Ferit Odman, drums
Yekta Kopan, narrator

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