Announcements From the Transportation Unit (January 15)

– Effective January 18th., the Main Campus Bus Schedule, the East Campus Bus Schedule and the Main Campus-East Campus Ring Schedules will be changed. The up to date schedules can be seen on Transportation Unit’s web site at

University Senate decision on COVID-19 measures

BİLKENT UNIVERSITY SENATE DECISION on COVID-19 MEASURES AND SANCTIONS In line with the COVID-19 pandemic safety measures, Bilkent University Senate decided on September 16, 2020, to adopt and enforce the following rules that apply to all indoor and outdoor spaces on campus: 1. Wearing a face mask completely covering mouth […]

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Changes in tuition fee (due to VAT)

With the decision of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on August 30, 2020, VAT (Value Added Tax) applied to educational services is dropped from 8% to 1% for the period of 01.09.2020 and 30.06.2021. Accordingly, Bilkent University 2020-21 Fall and Spring semesters tuition fees are updated as below: […]

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Leave of Absence for Spring 2019-2020 Semester

Application deadline for leave of absence for Spring 2019-2020 semester due to COVID-19 is Monday, April 27, 2020. Undergraduate students who would like to apply for leave of absence can do so by sending an e-mail to Graduate students who would like to apply for leave of absence should first […]

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Smoke Free Campus Rules

The use of cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and other tobacco products is forbidden on the entire Bilkent University campus, except for smoking areas delineated with blue borderlines and indicated with signboards. Due to COVID-19 measures, it is mandatory to maintain a minimum social distance of 2.5 meters between individuals in smoking […]

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