IAED Skype Lecture: “Globalization and Invention of Identities Lessons from Vernacularism in the Maghreb Region,” Dr. Hamza Benacer (PAUI Politecnico Di Milano University), FFB-06, 1:30PM June 21 (EN)

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department Skype Lecture: Globalization and invention of identities lessons from vernacularism in the Maghreb region Date: 21/06/2018 Thursday Time, Place: 13:30, FFB06 Speaker: Dr. Hamza Benacer Bio: Hamza Benacer is an architect, editor, researcher and a doctor from the department of architecture, urban and interior […]

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Bilkent Odeon Concerts: “Carmina Burana,” Odeon, 9PM June 23

Carmina Burana 23 June 2018, Saturday, 21.00 | Bilkent Odeon In collaboration with TÜRKSOY Christoph Poppen, conductor Alfiya Karimova, soprano İlham Nazarov, tenor Arda Aktar, baritone Astana State Academic Philharmonic Chamber Choir (Kazakhstan) Gulmira Kuttybadamova, choirmaster C. Orff | Carmina Burana For tickets:

Summer Children Sports Activities

Physical Education and Sports Center SUMMER CHILDREN SPORTS ACTIVITIES 2018 The Physical Education and Sports Center will be holding summer sports activities for the children and youth at Dormitories Sports Hall. Participants not only join sports activities such as basketball, swimming, field hokey etc. at sports center but also enjoy […]

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Summer Program for Sports Facilities

SUMMER PROGRAM FOR SPORTS FACILITIES SPOR TESİSLERİNİN YAZ 2018 KULLANIM SAATLERİ AŞAĞIDA BELİRTİLMİŞTİR: DORMITORIES SPORTS HALL YURTLAR SPOR SALONU Date: June 18 – July 29 Tarih: 18 Haziran – 29 Temmuz Everyday Open: 9:00 a.m Close: 11:00 p.m Hergün Açılış: 09:00 Kapanış: 23:00 Date: July 30 – August 19 Tarih: […]

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Reminder: Campus Traffic Rules

Dear drivers, We would like to remind you all once again one of the very important traffic rule to be followed on campus roads, it is a “right of way” rule. 1. All vehicles must yield the right of way to the ambulance and fire truck, 2. Vehicles entering a […]

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