CCI Seminar: “The Odyssey and the environment”, Samuel Cooper, 6PM 27 April (EN)

Bilkent University’s Program in Cultures, Civilizations & Ideas will host an academic talk via ZOOM by:

Samuel Cooper, The American University at Cairo
Title: The Odyssey and the environment

This talk will examine the Odyssey from an environmental perspective, drawing on recent ecocriticism such as Timothy Morton’s Ecology Without Nature as well as Joel Christensen’s psychological study of the epic, The Many-Minded Man. Odysseus interacts with many different kinds of environments while pursuing his nostos (homecoming), and the ways in which he remembers and narrates these experiences enable him to learn and progress as an epic hero. In particular, his narration of various environmental experiences in the Apologoi enables him ultimately to restore his home in Ithaca to a state of ecological balance and stability. Unlike Gilgamesh, who endlessly pursues (but fails to attain) immortality through the absolute domination of his environment, Odysseus works through his failures to dominate various environments and thereby learns to love mortality and ecological moderation.

ZOOM Information:
Topic: CCI / The Odyssey and the environment – Dr. Samuel Cooper
Time: Apr 27, 2022 06:00 PM

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