Center for Russian Studies Seminar: “The Cold War In The Middle East Or The Middle East In The Cold War?”, 6PM April 5 (EN)

Bilkent University Center for Russian Studies in partnership with The Wilson Center History and Public Policy Program cordially invites you to;

The Global Middle East Seminar Series (Third Webinar)

“The Cold War In The Middle East Or The Middle East In The Cold War?”

Monday, April 5 at 18:00

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What was the Cold War that shook world politics for the second half of the twentieth century? Standard narratives focus on Soviet-American rivalry as if the superpowers were the exclusive driving forces of the international system. Lorenz M. Lüthi offers a radically different account, restoring agency to regional powers in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and revealing how regional and national developments shaped the course of the global Cold War.

In this discussion with Guy Laron, Alexander Shelby and Eliza Gheorghe, Professor Lüthi will discuss the Middle East angle of his book, with a focus on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Long one of the most controversial and significant issues of the 20th century, Professor Lüthi removes the “great power” lense and seeks to provide the perspective of those parties directly involved, Israel and the Arab states.