COMD Seminar: “Effective Health Communication to Improve Healthy Ageing”, Dr. Frans Folkvord, 12:30Noon December 8 (EN)

Effective health communication to improve healthy ageing

Date & Time: 8 December, 12:30
Place: FFB-05

Abstract: The European population is ageing rapidly. Yet living longer does not necessarily mean living a healthier, more active and independent life. The number of Europeans aged over 65 will double in the next 50 years, and the number of over 80 year olds will almost triple. Life expectancy will continue to increase, yet unhealthy life years make up around 20% of a person’s life. Active and healthy ageing is a societal challenge shared by all European countries, but it is also an opportunity for researchers, policy-makers, healthcare professionals, citizens, and patients. It is a chance for Europe to establish itself as a global leader that is capable of providing innovative solutions. Through several initiatives the European Commission aims to promote healthy and active ageing, some of which Open Evidence is actively contributing to and Dr. Frans Folkvord will give a presentation about. The overarching target of the European Commission is to increase the average healthy lifespan of EU citizens, which will be done through improving the health and quality of life of Europeans with a focus on older people, supporting the long-term sustainability and efficiency of health and social care systems, and enhancing the competitiveness of EU industry through business and expansion in new markets.

Bio: Dr. Frans Folkvord is currently working as an assistant professor at Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, Communication and Information Science, Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Furthermore, Dr. Folkvord is a senior researcher at Open Evidence, in Barcelona and Milan, respectively Spain and Italy. Next to a master degree in Psychology and Sociology, Dr. Folkvord has obtained a PhD in Social Science (cum laude). He has published over 40 articles in highly ranked journals, two books and several book chapters, in which he examined mainly the effects of digital food marketing on children’s eating behavior. Additionally, he is a co-author of several reports for the European Commission, mainly on the effective digitalization of healthcare. Furthermore, he is a temporary advisor for the WHO, UNICEF, the Dutch Heart Foundation and the Dutch Nutrition Centre about the effects of food marketing on children’s eating behavior. Final, recently Frans obtained a NWO Talent Programme Veni grant. The Veni is granted to outstanding researchers who have recently obtained their PhD and display a striking talent for scientific research.