COMD Seminar: “Next-gen Journalism, Digital Publishing, Interview Techniques, and Creative Content Production in the Digital Age”, Ali Tufan Koç, 12:30Noon December 1 (TR)

A talk and workshop with Ali Tufan Koç focusing on ‘next-gen journalism, digital publishing, interview techniques, and creative content production in the digital age,’ taking place on December 1st, Friday, at FFB-22, at 12:30

*The talk and the workshop will be in Turkish.

“Ali Tufan Koç served in the establishment phase of GQ Turkey and as a department manager in Hürriyet. His early career was described in Milliyet, Radikal, and Cumhuriyet with his columns and stories about popular culture and city life. After serving as Editor-in-Chief of GQ Turkey and Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Turkey, in 2023, he founded Cheer Media, a community-oriented new media initiative that produces solutions, products, and design models for the “new generation publishing” approach. He continues his column writing in Gazete Oksijen with his articles “Letters from New York”. “