COMD Seminar: “PandeVITA Conference:’Sustainable Collaboration Processes in Pandemic Times’”, 9:30AM June 8-9 (EN)

COMD celebrates its 25th anniversary with the international PandeVITA conference and End of Year Exhibition
The Department of Communication and Design celebrates its 25th anniversary with attractive events until December 2023. The celebration will start with the international PandeVITA conference and the End of Year Exhibition on June 8-9.

At the PandeVITA conference, international guests will present and discuss their research about “Sustainable Collaboration Processes in Pandemic Times”. PandeVITA is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission. The PandeVITA project aims to contribute to a better understanding of how to engage citizens in knowledge and scientific processes for increased public awareness and responsibility according to scientific needs in pandemic times. The PandeVITA consortium consists of seven partners from Belgium, Finland, Germany, Spain and Turkiye. For this purpose, it developed a platform and smartphone application for the analysis of the knowledge transfer between citizens, scientists, politics and the economy during the pandemic crisis on a global level. The coordinator of this project is Lutz Peschke from the Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University. The Rector of Bilkent University Prof. Dr. Kürşat Aydoğan and TÜBITAK president Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal will give a keynote speech.

Additionally, Assoc. Prof. David Campbell, University for Continuing Education Krems and the University of Vienna/Austria will Disciplinary and transdisciplinary, scientific and artistic research in the knowledge economy. He is one of the developers of the important Quintuple Helix Innovation model which describes the knowledge exchange of science, politics, economy, the public and the natural environment of societies as pre-requisite for sustainable innovation processes. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Figen Çizmeci, a Member of the COVID Science Board in Turkiye will talk about COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare research ecosystem on Friday at 10:00.

The PandeVITA conference starts on June 8 at 9:30. Further information can be found on the conference website
In the afternoon of June 8, department chair Andreas Treske will give a review about 25 successful years of COMD. It will be opening for discourses about art and science. Martin Thau from the University of Television and Film in Munich/Germany will illuminate in his keynote the distinctive yet interconnected aspects of art and science, both arising from the shared human impetus to decipher life’s profound mysteries.

The crowning conclusion of the first day is the Walk of Art. The students of COMD will present their artwork, films and design projects within the scope of the End of Year Exhibition at 17:30.

Department of Communication and Design, FF Building, Basement.