COMD Seminar: “The Gestured World: You and Technology”, 4:00PM October 19 (EN)

Flusserian Dialogues brings various scholars and artists together for a series of talks and workshops formed around the media theorist Vilém Flusser’s thinking towards art, media, and human experience!

This series of events will be held between 19-27 October in partnership with Yermekân, Goethe-Institut Ankara and Bilkent University Department of Communication and Design and aim to organize gatherings that can initiate hands-on experimentation and critical thinking not only for those who are interested in Flusser’s line of thinking but also for those who find themselves at the intersection of art, media, and technology in their professional and everyday practices.

19-27 October, Event Program and Workshop Application Forms:

The workshop is titled “The Gestured World: You and Technology” at Bilkent University, FADA
19 th Oct. 16:00-19:00 FFB 05
21 th Oct. 13:00-16:00 FFB 11

Expanding consciousness is not a grand spell. As we learn more about the meaning beyond our gestures, the hand of our consciousness extends. Additionally, its mystery does not vanish when analyzed and causally understood.
To properly read gestures intuitively, we will go through the steps of reading them counter-intuitively through symbols and meaning. These are the ‘Gestures’ we learn from Flusser. However, as long as we read, understand, analyze, and symbolize them, they do not exist in the world as gestures. We will perform these gestures, whether they are analyzed or unanalyzed or not meant to be analyzed.
This workshop offers a significant opportunity for you to practice how human thought is manifested in the world through art, technology, movement, and more, and how to make it happen. You can participate as an artist, scholar, worker, chef, lover, gardener, smoker, or in any other identity.