CS Seminar: “Oracle Academy: Resources for Education and Research,” Sena Aydoğan, EA-409, 1:30PM July 16 (EN)

S E M I N A R: Oracle Academy: Resources for Education and Research

Sena Aydoğan

Oracle’s global, philanthropic, award-winning educational program, Oracle Academy leverages Oracle’s leadership in emerging technologies and next generation Cloud developments to advance computing education around the world to increase knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields. This seminar will provide a deep dive into Oracle Academy’s innovation-focused education resources for teaching and (non-profit) academic research, including technology, curriculum and courseware, student workshops, educator training, Oracle industry certification and exam preparation materials (for universities, two-year colleges, etc).

Bio: Sena Aydoğan is a Strategic Business Development Manager at Oracle, currently responsible for leading and implementing digital capacity building and skill development initiatives via building strategic partnerships & collaborations with startups, academia, universities, customers, partners, Innovation Hubs/Entrepreneurship Foundations, NGOs & NPOs, and Ministry of Education to drive innovation and create a shared value among Oracle and the community. She is also managing the Oracle Academy Program, Oracle’s flagship philanthropic program supporting Computer Science education, in Turkey. Sena graduated with a BSc degree in Computer Technology and Information Systems from the Bilkent University in 2013. She is passionate about technology, innovation, knowledge-sharing and women’s empowerment. You can reach Sena at sena.aydogan@oracle.com, twitter: @Sena_Aydo, linkedin.com/in/senaaydogan/

DATE: 16 July 2019, Tuesday @ 13:30