CTIS Seminar: “Preparation of Test Scenarios, Documentation and Reporting”, Barış Hızal, 7:30PM December 7 (EN)

You are cordially invited to the Seminar organized by the Department of Information Systems and Technologies (CTIS).

Presenter: Barış Hızal, Software Verification and Quality Assurance Manager, Orion Innovation.

Title: Preparation of Test Scenarios, Documentation and Reporting

Date: 7.12.2023, 19:30
Location: Zoom. This CTIStalk is only for CTIS students, please contact uhus@bilkent.edu.tr for Zoom details.

Abstract: Today, “Test Engineering” has become one of the popular field with many job opportunities in IT sector. Therefore many people looking for a job, strive to improve themselves to work in this field as a “Test Engineer”. To become a good test engineer, many skills need to be learned and developed. In this context, “Preparation of Test Scenarios, Documentation and Reporting”, which are among the important topics of these skills, constitute the main topics of our conversation.

Bio: Barış Hızal is a Software Verification and Quality Assurance Manager at Orion Innovation Turkey. His career began as a global technical support engineer in a cross-functional team serving customers around the world. After 10 years of customer relations and support management experience, he joined the software verification and quality assurance team in 2016, where focusing on the software quality of the entire processes. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior.

The presentation language will be English.