ES Seminar: “Inside the academic triangle”, Ayça Üner, 4:30PM November 24 (EN)

You are cordially invited to the seminar organized by the Department of Educational Sciences.

GE 500 Module 3 Research Seminar I
Friday, November 24 from 16:30 to 17:20 (hybrid)

This seminar aims to provide a comprehensive overview of an academic journey intertwining teaching and research. The presentation begins by introducing the multifaceted role in academia and how the extensive teaching and supervisory experience set the stage for the research journey. Personal motivation, driven by concerns for students’ learning experiences, serves as the basis of this research journey. The focus then shifts to the research design, where the audience will gain insights into the methodological approach, i.e., an Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods Case Study Research Design, used in this research. The aim here is to elaborate on how this design allowed the researcher to identify critical themes within the research scope, allowing for refinement of quantitative research questions based on qualitative results. Subsequent research ventures and practical takeaways are shared, offering insights for educators and researchers alike.

Ayça Üner began her academic journey by completing her B.A. degree in English Language Teaching at Middle East Technical University and pursued a master’s degree in management in Education at Bilkent University. She holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction also from Bilkent University. Throughout her career, she has had various teaching and research roles, contributing to the development of curriculum design, delivery, and pedagogical practices. Her doctoral research involved an investigation into the combined role of utility value, expectancy for success, intrinsic reasons, and self-worth concerns in predicting learning strategies and test anxiety among university students enrolled in the English Language Preparatory Program. She has recently edited and authored a book chapter in “Re-Vision and Re-Form in English for Academic Purposes Contexts after the Pandemic” with a focus on providing insights into teaching and learning as well as the complex relationship between motivation and learning outcomes, particularly in the context of the post-pandemic educational landscape. She is currently working on curriculum revision with a view to shifting from strands to modes of communication in language education within her context of teaching.

Hybrid seminar in room HZ – 60

Topic: Module 3 Research Seminar I

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