FA Seminar: “Current issues on Contemporary Art from Turkey”, Emek Can Ecevit, 12:30Noon July 4 (EN)

The Department of Fine Arts is pleased to invite Bilkent students,
faculty, and friends to a lunchtime lecture by Emek Can Ecevit:

Current issues on Contemporary Art from Turkey
This presentation comprises three parts. Starting with a brief summary
of my personal academic interest on contemporary art , it continues
with the main problematization of my doctoral study entitled ‘A
Study on Institutionalisation of Contemporary Art from Turkey’ that
concerns with identifying the determinants of the institutionalisation
of art in general and institutionalisation of contemporary art in
particular. It focuses on the influence of the state and the private
sector on economics and politics of arts. The third and possibly a more
interactive part covers an overall questioning of the contemporary arts
from Turkey. It starts with the problematization of the contemporary
artist and art initiatives from Turkey with an understanding of inner
critique of the art scene on the one hand and cultural policy texts as
the responsible body for policymaking in creative and cultural sectors
in Turkey on the other. This part also focuses on and relationally
discusses the conceptualisation of contemporary arts, its conveying
artistic practices as well as the role of policy makers and art
professionals shaping contemporary arts from Turkey.

Emek Can Ecevit is a Lecturer at the Fine Arts Faculty, 
Department of
Sculpture, Hacettepe University. He received his PhD from Brunel
University Brunel Business School, London, UK with the dissertation
“A Study of Institutionalization of Contemporary Art from Turkey”.

The details of the lecture are as follows:
4 July, 2023, Tuesday
Place: FD Z09
Time: 12:30