FRL Seminar: “End of Democracy – The Nazi Rise to Power and the Failure of Anti-Fascism in Germany”, Lukas Knopp, G-160, 5:40PM March 9 (EN)

Dear students and staff of Bilkent University,

I would like to invite you to the one-time lecture, “End of Democracy – The Nazi Rise to Power and the Failure of Anti-Fascism in Germany”.

As a DAAD scholar with a research focus on holocaust and social memory, currently teaching German at Bilkent University, I have realized that while there is a huge fascination with Hitler and Fascism in Turkey, there is also a lack of knowledge. Many myths exist around the Nazis, some of them even installed by the fascists themselves. In this approxiamtely 60 minute lecture (including time to ask questions and discuss), I aim to create an understanding of how a formerly democratic country could so quickly descend into a murderous terror regimen. Next to the history of the take-over, we will discuss on a scientific basis what Nazism is, what Adolf Hitler‘s fascist ideology entails and where it came from, but also how democratic forces in Germany organised and why they ultimately failed in stopping Hitler, which includes the beginning of modern Antifa.

While history never truely repeats itself, the parallels between the historical rise of fascism and many developments in today’s world are shocking to understand.

The lecture will take place on the 9th of March, starting at 17:40 in room G-160. Everybody is welcome. This lecture will be held entirely in English.

Best Regards,
Lukas Knopp