GRA Exhibition: “’New Faces for This Century’ – Workshop for Designing Book Jackets Made from Analogue Collages”, 12:30Noon December 18 (EN)

Exhibition: “New Faces for This Century” – Workshop for Designing Book Jackets Made from Analogue Collages

Graphic Design Department

Kibele Yarman, Birsu S. Hoşrik Çeltek and Alper Yıldırım

Date: 18 December 2023, Monday
Time: 12.30
Venue: Bilkent Library Exhibition Hall

This workshop, organized by Bilkent University, with a focus of creating collages from found print materials that were juxtaposed as book jackets by the attendees for selected works from the 20th century Turkish literature scene aims to create a systematic exercise at the intersection between art and design. Creative processes that were carried out over the duration of 4 weeks involve imagining, sketching, collecting, cutting and adhering, scanning, designing and finally producing. The output of the workshop which explores analog paper collages and book jackets are exhibited in accordance with the celebrations of the centennial year of the foundation of the Turkish Republic. 15 titles from 15 contemporary writers, who lived through thick and thin, witnessed many different conditions and events of the hundred years of the Republic, thought then wrote about the country we live in, its culture, people, watershed moments, values, amenities as well as its social crises, conflicts, and struggles, were selected regarding a fair distribution of diversity of gender, ethnicity, and style/genre.