GRA Presentation: “Entertainment Graphics,” Oğuz Akın, FB-309, 12:50PM June 28 (EN)

Date: 28/06/2019 Friday
Time, Place: 12:50
Graphic Design FB-309

Oğuz Akın Presentation Entertainment Graphics

Oğuz Akın is a graphic designer experienced in entertainment graphics, who got his BA in Graphic Design in Bilkent University. His passion for moving image helped him making TV commercials for known brands upon moving to Istanbul after his graduation. Receiving Fulbright scholarship maintained getting his MFA on Digital Arts, Emerging Arts program at Pratt Institute, New York. He worked as an interactive designer in New York but decided to move to Los Angeles to continue designing for motion graphics. His maintitle design for ‘Tarzan’ (2016) was featured in the movie and his animated teaser for ‘Hateful 8’ received two different key art awards (Golden Trailer, Clio Key Art Awards) in 2015. He is also a finalist of Adobe Design Achievement Awards in motion category in 2010.