GRA Seminar: “Deceptive Tactics Used in Online Shopping”, DR. Seçil Toros, 2:00PM July 7 (EN)

Lecturer : Dr. Seçil Toros

Date & Time: Thursday 07 July 14.00
Place : FB-309

Title : Deceptive Tactics Used in Online Shopping
FADA, FB-Blok No: 309
07 July, Thursday, 14.00 – 15.00

Deceptive Tactics Used in Online Shopping
Due to the increase in online shopping, debates on Internet advertising have become prominent with a particular reference to deceptive content. Recent researches show that consumers utilize the Internet as a unique digital platform providing a fertile environment for those who tend to deceive; hence, misleading and deceptive content in online shopping is rising. Moreover, existing laws designed to protect consumers are criticized for not being efficient enough, especially in this rapidly developing digital medium. As the number of complaints and cases increases, it becomes clear that there is a need for a better understanding of deception in online advertising and acts accordingly in various disciplines. Focusing on these concerns, this study portrays the nature and variances of deceptive tactics employed in online shopping sites in Turkey by utilizing an original database and a content analysis.
In this presentation, first, I will introduce the existing definitions and examples of deceptive advertising practices and related laws and regulations. Second, I will explain the content-oriented approach followed by the design and methodology of the study. After presenting the findings, I will conclude by commenting on them, giving particular importance to their contribution to the existing literature and potential for developing new policies.

Short Bio
Dr. Seçil Toros is an Assistant Professor Dr. at the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture at Atılım University. She received her B.ID from METU Department of Industrial Design, her MFA and PhD from Gazi University, Public Relations and Publicity. Her academic research interests include advertising communication, visual communication and political communication. She has written extensively about critical advertising practices like deception, visual pollution and privacy issues. Her works published in SSCI, SCOPUS indexed and ULAKBIM journals. She wrote three book chapters and worked as a researcher in a project funded by British Academy’s Newton Fund. She also got rewards in both national and international design competitions including Rose Gold Award in Muse Design Competition. Toros is a member of the Turkish Consumer Rights and Public Benefit Association and Alternative Informatics Association.