GRA Seminar: “Illustration Today and Entrepreneurship”, Merve Erbilgiç, 12:30Noon December 15 (EN)

Seminar: – Illustration Today and Entrepreneurship
Graphic Design Department
Merve Erbilgiç

On 15 December a 3 hour-long illustration workshop organized by Birsu S. Hoşrik Çeltek will take place at studio FB219. After working with the students, artist and illustrator Merve Erbilgiç is going to talk about the definition, meaning and role of today’s illustration and tell about her experience, education, inspirations and works. She will be mentioning the path she followed as an entrepreneur and a self-reliant creative.

Date: 15 December 2023, Friday
Time: 12.30-13:30
Venue: FB-309