GRA Seminar: “Keep Calm and Be Aware”, Dr. S. Başak Soyluoğlu, 12:30PM October 27 (TR)

Dr. S. Başak Soyluoğlu

Time. WED. 27.10.21 /12.30-13.30
Venue. Department of Graphic Design/ FB309

Seminar will be in Turkish. / Seminer Türkçe’dir.

The seminar named KEEP CALM and BE AWARE by Dr. Başak S.Soyluoğlu, is an introductory presentation of What Cancer is, How Cancer might be avoided, and what to do for the future. This seminar aims to raise Cancer Awareness among Bilkent students.

Dr. Başak Soyluoğlu.
Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, Soyluoğlu is currently working as a doctor and medical advisor of sexual health in Bilkent University Health Center since 2003. For the last ten years, Soyluoğlu is giving seminars titled “The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Teenage Girl” as a part of sex education among university students, in addition to First Aid Training seminars. Moreover, since the year 2006, Soyluoğlu has been giving seminars on ‘No smoking Bilkent’ and consulting students on how to quit smoking.