HART Seminar: “Exploring Central Anatolia (Galatia and Phrygia). On the Road with The Byzantine Legacy”, David Hendrix, 5:30PM November 17 (EN)

Evening Lecture by David Hendrix on Friday 17 November at 17:30 in the room H-232.

« Exploring Central Anatolia (Galatia and Phrygia). On the Road with The Byzantine Legacy »

GE points will be given

While Gordion and some other archeological sites in Central Anatolia have received a fair amount of international public and scholarly attention, many other sites in the general vicinity are often overlooked. Even though the historical regions of Phrygia and Galatia in Central Anatolia have numerous noteworthy classical and medieval sites, they tend to be overshadowed by neighboring regions. It can be difficult for the public to access reliable information on their various sites, as seen in the case of the countless rock-cut structures included on the Phrygian Way cultural route. Frequently, many sites have only been researched or surveyed by local Turkish scholars, whose work has only been published on a limited scale and thus remains obscure. This talk aims to highlight some notable sites I recently visited in Phrygia and Galatia, and show how the Byzantine Legacy project aims to raise awareness of cultural heritage sites and lesser-known scholarship in the general vicinity of Ankara.

David Hendrix is the creator of the Byzantine Legacy, a website and social media project on the Byzantine Empire with a particular focus on Istanbul. The Byzantine Legacy aims at providing documented, quality information on art, architecture and history from Late Antique, Early Christian and the Byzantine eras.