HART Workshop: “Levantine Ceramic Project,” A-130, May 23-24 (EN)

The Department of Archaeology will host one of this year’s Levantine Ceramic Project workshops, a research project based at Boston University (U.S.A). This two-day event will take place on May 23-24, 2019.

Seventeen Turkish and international specialists in the pottery from Bronze Age to Late Antique Anatolia, and the LCP project director Pr. Andrea Berlin, will present their new results, integrating them into the on-line project database (www.levantineceramics.org), and setting up plans to expand Turkish participation in this project over the coming years. The program of the workshop is attached and open to all. For additional information, please contact M.-H. Gates (mgates@bilkent.edu.tr/0312 290 1725).