HIST Seminar: “Bilkent History Graduate Symposium”, 10:00AM May 10 2024 (EN)

Date and Time: 09-10 May 2024, 09.20 – 19.00
Avenue: FEASS, C-Block Amphi

GE 250/251: 20 Points (Per day)


You are cordially invited to the “Bilkent History Graduate Symposium” which will take place in Thursday and Friday, 9th and 10th of May, 2024 at C-Block Amphi organised by the Department of History and the Bilkent Historical Society.
Prof. Dr. Jorge López Quiroga, who will also be the keynote speaker of the symposium, will make valuable contributions to the event.
Getting to Know Better the People of the Middle Ages New Perspectives from Bioarchaeology, Archaeogenetics and Archaeothanatology
It is impossible to present a synthesis here of the important research already done based on bioarchaeological, bioanthropological studies and in the field of population genetics. In this sense, in this conference we will limit ourselves to presenting through some selected examples, among the enormous volume of existing works, the possibilities and limits that biomolecular and bioarchaeological research offers for a more real and objective approach to the people who lived in the Middle Ages. Our aim is to highlight how Science can help historians, through analytical methods regarding issues such as geographical origin, migration, social mobility, kinship, diet, disease and in the same way address questions such as ethnicity, identity, gender issues, social minorities and even disability, social inequality and the degree and type of violence in daily life of medieval societies.
Doctor in Medieval History (University of Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV), Geography and History (University of Santiago de Compostela, USC) and European Doctor (USC). He is currently developing his teaching and research activity at the Autonomous University of Madrid since 2002, having previously been Allocataire de Recherche at the University of Paris IV, A.T.E.R. in Medieval History at the University of La Rochelle and Research Assistant at the University of Alcalá de Henares. He is former Member of the Casa de Velázquez and former Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, among other various post-doctoral research grants. He has been a visiting professor at various European and American universities. He was Director of the Spanish Archaeological Mission in Conimbriga (Portugal) and Explorer Research Grant of the National Geographic Society. He is also Member of the National Society of Antiquaries of France, based at the Louvre Museum (Paris) and Associate Member of the Michel de Boüard Center (Centre for Ancient and Medieval Historical and Archaeological Research, CRAHAM-University of Caen-CNRS). He has directed, as principal investigator, twenty national and international scientific projects. He is the author of about twenty monographs, as author, editor and/or coordinator, as well as one hundred and fifty articles, book chapters and publications in Proceedings of National and International Scientific Congresses. He was also curator of the exhibition “In Tempore Sueborum. El tiempo de los Suevos en la Gallaecia (411-585)”, held between December 2017 and May 2018. For more than thirty years his research has focused on Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula.

If you have any further inqueries, please contact: historygradsymposium@gmail.com.