IAED Seminar: “In Situ, Earth Architecture with Building Biology Approach”, And Akman, 10:30AM February 19 2024 (EN)

You are kindly invited to a seminar organized by the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design.

Speaker: Dr. And Akman

Title: “In Situ, Earth Architecture with Building Biology Approach”

Date: February 19, 2024, Monday
Time: 10.30

This is an online seminar. To obtain event details please send a message to department.

The presentation will speak about “building biology approach” that will enable holistic evaluation through sustainable building design. Building biology approach is a wholistic way to look at human, building, environment relationships. With its 25 principles, the approach encapsulates building’s indoor climate, aesthetical aspects, climate adaptation, energy efficiency, materials and life cycle, socio-cultural effects and more. So, it is a compass for sustainable architecture. In the example of “Çatalhöyük” archeological settlement being made of earth buildings, it directs us to innovative earth building materials. According to this context, earth based natural building materials’ contemporary usages and their structural needs will be demonstrated (the examples will be focused on hotels, restaurants and commercial places). Moreover, local and natural material usage’s change making potential will be emphasized.

Dr. And Akman continues his academic and architectural works on building biology and ecology field since 1990. He started his professional education in 1981 at Mimar Sinan University, then carried on in New York University and Institut für Baubiologie + Ökologie. He realized worldwide ecological architecture projects and building applications in the Office of Lichtblick Architecture for 17 years, and then he returned to Turkey. Since 2007, he continues his architecture projects and applications mostly in Turkey. Meanwhile, in relationship with IBN-Building Biology and Sustainability Institute Germany, he co-founded Building Biology and Sustainability Institute Turkey- YBE in 2015. Since then, as the co-director of YBE, he is actively directing the institute consulting and training works. YBE main objectives are to develop the knowhow, ecosystem and expertise of building biology and ecology in Turkey and to increase exemplary designs, rehabilitations and constructions. He also one of the leading person in the formation and development of Natural Building Materials Working Group in 2018 which then enabled the foundation of Natural Building Materials and Methods Association-DYMD. He is one the founders of DYMD and still in the board of directors.