IAED Seminar: “Introduction to Sustainability and Innovation in Sustainable Building Design”, Ayman A. Hassan, 12:30Noon November 30 (EN)

You are kindly invited to follow IAED SEMINAR: FALL 2020-2021 organized by the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, FADA, Bilkent University.

Speaker: Architect. Ayman A. Hassan

Title: “Introduction to Sustainability and Innovation in Sustainable Building Design.”
Date & Time: November 30, 2021, Tuesday, 12.30 pm.

Sustainability and building envelope is a very important element of the building, it is working like the human skin protecting the building from environment changes and giving it the fine urban look which reflects its function.
Due to the climatic change worldwide and because the building envelope is one of the parameters in the building sustainability equation, the trend of designing sustainable building envelope arise and the innovation in that became part of the unique look of the building.

In addition to that, building envelope can be part of the building energy generation equation by being responsive to the environment condition around.
The dilemma here is how to combine between the required fine urban look and the sustainable technological goals of the building envelope. The appearance of new buildings material added a strong parameter to this equation.
Keywords: Building Envelope, Sustainability, Green Architecture, Green Building, Bio Facade and Kinetic Facade.

Architect. Ayman A. Hassan is a DBA candidate in Sustainability Management, Design Projects Manager and Senior Architectural Consultant in one of class (A) Architecture/Engineering offices in KSA, Member of several scientific committees focusing on design of facilities and sustainable development.
Architect. Ayman is the Head of Architecture at AbdulRahman Al-Naim Consultant Engineers (ACE) with responsibility of design management, his designs are focusing on introducing the green and sustainable concept into the society.
Architect. Ayman is an experienced presenter and public speaker in various educational and training events in Middle East and North Africa, he is also a publisher in several scientific magazines, a lecturer at Saudi Umran Society – Saudi Health Care division, Member of the Local Expert Panel for Accessing Sustainability – KFUPM University, Member of the American Institute of Architects, AIA (International Associate), Member of the Saudi Council of Engineers, SCE, Member of The Egyptian syndicate of Engineers, Egypt, 2001, ISO Internal Auditor certificate of achievement, Bureau VERITAS, Saudi Arabia, 2008.

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