IAED Seminar: “Güneş Enerjisi”, İrfan Ocak, 10:30AM November 22 (TR)

You are kindly invited to follow IAED SEMINAR: FALL 2021-2022 organized by the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, FADA, Bilkent University.

Speaker: İrfan Ocak
Title: Güneş Enerjisi
Date & Time: November 22, 2021, Monday, 10.30 am -12.30 pm.

Short BIO:
Having graduated from College of Diyarbakır, he received his undergraduate degree in aeronautical engineering from Stuttgart University in Germany, and then completed his master’s degree in business administration at Technical Academy of Wuppertal. In the first years of his career, he was engaged in producing and assembling thermal solar collectors. In 2002, he founded the first company in the field of photovoltaic in Turkey. Since then, he has been the chairperson of the board of the company.

Aiming at discussing the topic of solar energy – commonly referred as renewable energy sources – through 20-years-long experience of the company which has introduced solar energy sector to Turkey, this presentation is going to focus more on the fieldwork rather than theoretical knowledge in installation and alternative uses of off-grid solar electricity that is not sold to the grid and is intended for self-consumption only.

***This is an online event. To obtain Zoom link and password, please contact to the department.