IAED Skype Lecture: “Architecture and Mental Illness,” Dr. Jan Golembiewski, FB-06, 12:50PM May 6 (EN)

Architecture and Mental Illness

Date:06/05/2019 Monday
Time, Place: 12:50, FB06

Jan Golembiewski is a practicing architect who is acknowledged as a leader innovation in evidence-based architectural and urban design. His research around behavioural, effective and psychological reactions to the physical environment places him at the centre of current thinking about the role the environment plays on both somatic and mental health – work that earned him a fellowship in the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health, and The Schizophrenia Research Institute and professional roles such as a place in the Expert Reference Group for Dementia Training Australia, as a judge for the International Academy For Design and Health Architecture awards and as the director of Psychological Design. Golembiewski understands that the nexus between architecture and health is anything but simple – and in order to learn more about the connection, he has spent several years looking at the neuroscientific basis for the relationship between health and design, much of which has been published in prestigious peer reviewed journals and books published Nature and Oxford University Press.