IR Seminar: “The Digital Era in Media: Challenges and Opportunities”, Elif As, 12:30Noon May 13 2024 (EN)

Date & Time: May 13, 12:30

Venue: A130 Seminar Room

Elif As

“The Digital Era in Media: Challenges and Opportunities”
Abstract: In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and increasing digitalization, public broadcasters face a myriad of challenges. These include shifts in audience behavior, financial strains, heightened competition from tech giants, and concerns about AI’s impact on human agency in media. However, amid these challenges, embracing digitalization also offers unprecedented opportunities for public broadcasters. Some are leveraging digital tools to deliver high-quality, cost-effective content while remaining dedicated to serving the public. In this speech, I will talk about the technological developments adopted by the public institution TRT in the new age and the process of the video-on-demand platform “tabii,” which started broadcasting last year. I will be discussing the digitalization process and the importance of “tabii” within TRT.

Bio: Elif As, who graduated from Istanbul Şehir University’s Cinema and Television department with a scholarship as an honor student, started working at ATV immediately after graduation. She graduated from Maltepe University’s Radio, Cinema, and Television department with a scholarship and a master’s degree. As her thesis topic, she examined the Effect of YouTube on Culture and Everyday Life. She started her full-time working life at TRT. She first worked as a Guest Coordinator at TRT 2, and then as the lead of the Corporate Communications and Digital team. In 2021, she moved to London to study for a master’s degree in Digital Media at Goldsmiths University of London. In her thesis, she studied the subject of The Evaluation of How Metaverse and Simulation Theory Work Together to Shape Postmodern People’s Everyday Life. After graduation, she returned to Turkey and continued her work as a Senior Digital Media Producer and Presenter on TRT’s new digital streaming platform “tabii”. Currently, she continues to work as the Social Media Presenter and Producer of tabii, and as a presenter in various projects of TRT. She hosts a podcast called “tabiicast”, where she interviews actors featured in original content, and the Citizen Talks podcast program, which deepens social awareness within TRT World Citizen.

“What’s NEXT?” | NEXT by TRT World Forum
Abstract: NEXT by TRT World Forum aims to provide an international platform where young pioneering journalists, academics, activists, NGO members and entrepreneurs can voice and exchange ideas while addressing the most controversial issues of our time to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future. Within this framework, Next by TRT World Forum encourages and inspires young people to take responsibility in shaping the future and building a sustainable world by combining their experiences and skills. The interactions provided with the speakers and participants during the event will be maintained by extending the event activities throughout the year. Substantial outcomes will be delivered via projects and workshops organised throughout the event. Moreover, in line with the mission of TRT World Forum, it is aimed to bring together a diversity of voices and provide a platform for discussing the most important issues in our rapidly changing world. In this presentation, story, purpose and current 2024 details of NEXT by TRT World Forum will be shared.

“The Future Is Yours” | “TRT Geleceğin İletişimcileri Yarışması”
Abstract: The “TRT Geleceğin İletişimcileri Yarışması” is distinguished as one of the most comprehensive competitions organised for young people in the field of broadcasting in Türkiye since 2015 that offer various categories in this field. The most significant objectives of the competition are to encourage individuals who will shape the media of the future with accurate, reliable, conscientious, and human-oriented work. On top of accepting submissions from young people in a variety of broadcasting professions, this competition also provides a platform that may be enhanced with events all year round. In this presentation, information will be given about the competition, especially the purpose of the competition, participants, awards, evaluation process, Future Communicators Week and the Award Ceremony.

“TRT Academy: Where dreams meet experience”
Abstract: With nearly a century of broadcasting experience, TRT is one of the world’s leading respected public broadcasters, producing numerous radio and television projects, hundreds of series, films, and documentaries, and organizing international sectoral events. Together with TRT Academy, this broadcasting experience in every aspect of the industry converges in a systematic, innovative, and pioneering platform open to anyone interested in amateur and professional learning. In this presentation, general information about TRT Academy will be given, and the purpose and contents of TRT Academy will be mentioned.