LAUD Seminar: “Determination of Plant Usage Criteria in Climate Sensitive Landscape Design: Bilkent University Campus”, Fatmanur Karanfil, 1:30PM April 18 (TR)

You are kindly invited to follow LAUD TALKS: Spring 2022-2023 organized by the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, FADA, Bilkent University. The talk will be in Turkish.

Speaker: Fatmanur Karanfil

Date & Place: April 18, 2023, Tuesday, 13.30-14.30 / FB-309

This is also an online seminar. To obtain event details please send a message to department.

Summary: This presentation is summarized from the master thesis ‘Determination of Plant Usage Criteria in Climate Sensitive Landscape Design: Bilkent University Campus’. It is possible to create a sustainable environment and to tackle climate change with the consistent establishment of the plant-climate relationship in urban landscape design processes. This thesis establishes a model that defines the stages of plant species selection and plant placement principles in the development of climate sensitive landscape design projects. This model evaluates the climate parameters of temperature, precipitation, wind and sun-exposure data, plant hardiness zones, plant heat tolerance zones, the ecological demands of plants, their natural species status and the plant-structure relationship. It aims to contribute to the evaluation of the achievements and to the solution of climate-based problems in vegetated areas in terms of climate sensitivity. This proposed model was applied in Bilkent University Campus which was chosen as the study area. Strengths and improvable aspects of the climate-oriented outdoor structure of the campus were revealed. Some suggestions were presented by interpreting the climate data, existing vegetation and spatial analysis.

Biography: Fatmanur Karanfil graduated from Bilkent University, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design department in 2016. After graduation, she worked at ON Tasarım as a planting designer for two years. Afterwards, she worked at General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks as a consultant landscape architecture for a year. During her career, she was involved in projects of various scales and mostly managed planting design parts. She proceeded her academic career on planting design and completed her Master of Science in Landscape Architecture Department at Ankara University. Her field of study was about determination of plant usage criteria in climate sensitive landscape design. She took part in publications and projects during her graduate education. In 2020, she founded her own company, F. Peyzaj Tasarım, to continue developing urban design and landscape projects in İstanbul.