LAUD Seminar: “’Landscape’ in the scope of Environment and Climate Policies of Turkey and the European Union”, Dr. Nihan Yegin Yarayan, 1:30PM May 12 (TR)

You are kindly invited to follow LAUD TALKS: Spring 2022-2023 organized by the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, FADA, Bilkent University. The talk will be in Turkish.

Speaker: Dr. Nihan YEGİN YARAYAN (Climate Research Association)

Title: ‘Landscape’ in the scope of Environment and Climate Policies of Turkey and the European Union

Date & Place: May 12, 2023, Friday, 13.30-14.30 / FB-309

Summary: ‘Policy’ can be defined as a set of ideas or plans that are used as the basis for decision-making and that usually contain various means for their implementation; these can be a regulation, strategy, action plan, agenda or global agreement, resolution, solution or framework. Within the scope of the presentation, the most appropriate and most up-to-date national (TR) and EU policies for the implementation, support and development of ‘Landscape’ and related concepts will be examined; In line with the selected policies, various concepts/studies on sustainability, ecology, ecosystem-based approaches, climate change mitigation/adaptation and urban/spatial development will be tried to be conveyed in relation to the ‘landscape’ upper concept.

Biography: Nihan Yegin Yarayan graduated from Ankara University Landscape Architecture and completed her master’s degree on Energy Efficient Landscape Planning at Ankara University, Landscape Architecture Department. Her master’s thesis was supported by Heinrich Böll Stiftung Turkey Representative and TÜBİTAK with a master’s thesis scholarship. She completed her doctorate studies on Energy Efficient Urban Design and Urban Environmental Quality within the scope of Sheffield University Landscape Architecture and Urban Design program in 2020 and received her doctorate degree. Since 2009, she has been involved in national/international projects in the fields of sustainable urban planning and design, energy efficiency, renewable energy, microclimate modelling and climate change, holding different positions such as researcher, expert and project manager in the sector and academia. Nihan Yegin Yarayan joined the Climate Research Association team in 2021, manages projects on energy and water efficiency, nature-based solutions/green infrastructure, climate change mitigation and adaptation and contributes to project development studies.