MAN Seminar: “Sustainability: Problems, Solutions and Opportunities”, 1:30PM May 18 (TR)

Faculty of Business Administration and The Center for Research in Transitional Societies (CRTS) organize a panel on the topic “Sustainability: Problems, Solutions and Opportunities”, under the moderation of Selcen Erdem, part-time FBA member and Portfolio Public Affairs Director at Novartis. The panel will be held in Turkish and online, via zoom on May 18, 2022 Wednesday at 13:30-15:30pm.
Your attendance will be appreciated.

Date & Time: May 18, 2022 Wednesday, 13:30-15:30pm.
Title: Sustainability: Problems, Solutions and Opportunities
(The Panel Will Be Held in Turkish)
***This is an online seminar. To obtain the event link, please send a message to department.