MATH Seminar: “Frobenius-Schur indicators of characters in real 2-blocks”, Benjamin Sambale, 3:30PM April 10 (EN)

You are cordially invited to the Algebra Seminar organized by the Department of Mathematics.

Speaker: Benjamin Sambale (Leibniz University Hannover)
“Frobenius-Schur indicators of characters in real 2-blocks”

Abstract: It is a difficult problem to decide whether a real-valued character χ of a finite group G can be afforded by a real representation. This information is encoded in the Frobenius-Schur indicator ϵ(χ) of χ, which cannot be computed from the complex character table.
Suppose that χ lies in a 2-block B. Gow and Murray have shown that the so-called extended defect group E has a strong influence on ϵ(χ). We put forward a precise formula for ϵ(χ) when B is nilpotent.

Date: Monday, April 10, 2023
Time: 15:30 – 16:30
Place: Zoom

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