MATH Seminar: “Interesting methods to classify algebraic curves and surfaces”, Meirav Amram, 3:40PM May 3 2024 (EN)

You are cordially invited to the ODTU-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry Seminar.

Speaker: Meirav Amram (Shamoon)

“Interesting methods to classify algebraic curves and surfaces”

Abstract: We present a few algebraic, geometric and topological methods that we use in the classification of algebraic curves and surfaces. We speak about a few invariants of the classification as well. The limited selection of methods we will present: degeneration of algebraic surfaces, calculations of fundamental groups, and also a little about a software that can help with calculations.

Date: 3 May 2024, Friday
Time: 15:40 (GMT+3)
Place: Zoom

This is an online seminar. To request the event link, please send a message to