Mini-Concert: Library Art Gallery, 12:45PM May 8

Dear Bilkent University Members,

Bilkent University Library Art Gallery will host a mini-concert by Maria Rahmatulla (violin), Aliya Okeev (violin), Can Taylan (viola), Dicle Köprücü (violoncello), İdil Bursa (violoncello), Melis Olcenler (piano), Eda Seviniş (piano) on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 at 12.45.

The concert is free and everyone interested is invited. The activity is within the scope of GE250/251 (10 points).


J.Haydn Trio “Gypsy”

2.Poco Adagio Cantabile

Maria Rahmatulla – Violin
Dicle Köprücü – Violoncello
Melis Olcenler – Piano

R. Schumann Piano Quartett, Op.47

1.Sostenuto assai Allegro ma non troppo
3.Andante Cantabile

Aliya Okeev – Violin
Can Taylan – Viyola
İdil Bursa – Violoncello
Eda Seviniş – Piano

Best Regards,
Bilkent University Library