PCDC Seminar: “Building Resilience: Protective Factors Against Addictive Disorders”, Ceren Gürdere, 5:45PM November 6 (EN)

Seminar: “Building Resilience: Protective Factors Against Addictive Disorders”

by Dr. Ceren Gürdere
Bilkent Psychological Counseling and Development Center

Date and Room Info: Monday, November 6, 17:45, Faculty of Engineering, EA-Z03

The present seminar focuses on the role of resilience in preventing addiction, aligned with the principles of positive psychology by placing a spotlight on protective factors. It briefly introduces addictive disorders and then elaborates on protective factors such as bonding and social support, engagement, positive affectivity, emotional stability, meaning, and achievement. The seminar explores strategies to strengthen these protective factors and cultivate resilience against addiction for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Dr. Ceren Gürdere received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bilkent University, her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Ankara University, and her PhD degree in Psychological Sciences with a specialization in Clinical Psychology from the University of Padova. She was a visiting doctoral researcher at Medical School Hamburg. Her current research focuses on transdiagnostic cognitive vulnerability factors, psychological well-being, and self-regulation of health behaviors.

The seminar will be held in English. 10 GE points will be given.